Sunday, January 29, 2017

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Releases an InvadR Change + New Animation

Along with revealing a new feature for InvadR, Busch Gardens Williamsburg recently released a new animated point-of-view video of the all-new wooden coaster.  Here it is, I think the 'addition' will be pretty obvious:

Well, in case you did not catch it, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has added a tunnel to about 3/4 of the ride's initial 74 foot drop, which then dives into an underground tunnel.  As a recent update on the coaster's website points out, this will make the sense of speed (the ride will hit 48 miles per hour) seem even greater, going from outside to inside, to out then in once again in a quick moment.

The update also mentions that the ride's lift hill is complete, and that 40% of track is in place - though there are no photos of this progress.  Hopefully the park will release more photos in the near future.

When complete, InvadR - which has been designed and built by Great Coasters, International and features sister-park's Gwazi trains - will stretch 2,118 feet through the wooden New France section of the theme park.