Friday, January 27, 2017

SeaWorld San Antonio Debuts New Wave Breaker Website

SeaWorld San Antonio has launched an all-new website dedicated to Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster, the theme park's brand new roller coaster opening this summer.  The ride will be themed such that visitors will ride jet ski-style trains as they launch up and over the park's central lagoon, mimicking SeaWorld rescue teams on a mission to save an animal.

The first of its specific kind in North America, Wave Breaker has been designed by Intamin and will have two separate LSM launches during the experience with a maximum speed of 44 miles per hour.  The trains will soar up to 61 feet in the air, while also diving and swooping through 2,600 feet of track.  The coaster's 48 inch height requirement will allow a larger portion of the park's visitors to experience it.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
Wave Breaker's new website contains information on the ride, recent news stories that include the attraction, as well as photos of the ride's trains and construction progress.  The above photo, from the website, shows that a portion of the park's lagoon has been drained with a significant amount of footers already in place.  Ride components have already started to arrive at the park, with more on the way.  That means vertical construction should be just around the corner, which is when things get even more exciting!

For a closer look at how the completed Wave Breaker will look at the park, check out the below animation that SeaWorld San Antonio released: