Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Michigan's Adventure Releases Concept Art for 2017 Expansion

Toward the end of this past summer Michigan's Adventure released plans for an expansion of the Half Pint Paradise kids area in their WildWater Adventure water park.  At the time there was no concept art for the development, but since then the park has given us a look at the new area:

© Michigan's Adventure
The new Half Pint Paradise will be a combination of several small water slides for kids, along with a splash pad play area.  In the art above (click for more detail), you can see that the expansion will have a colorful and modern look, just like similar expansions at other Cedar Fair parks in recent years.  This area will also be connected to the Beach Party interactive water funhouse as well via some new pathways, creating a larger section aimed at smaller guests.  Additional seating and cabanas are also a part of the plans.

Michigan's Adventures plans to have work on the expanded Half Pint Paradise ready for WildWater Adventure's 2017 opening day.