Monday, January 2, 2017

New Photos Show Heavily Deconstructed Mean Streak

Mean Streak from this past summer
With Cedar Point closed for the year, and located out on a peninsula away from the mainland, many have wondered just what the status of Mean Streak is.  Well, thanks to some new photos that were safely taken from off park property with what must have been quite a zoom lens, we now know.

This link will take you to a set of photos from the end of the year that show the heavily deconstructed ride in all its tooth pick-looking glory.  It appears as though nearly all wooden track from the ride has been removed, along with some of the existing support structure (in spots).

Even more interesting than what appears to be track starting to climb a new version of the lift hill, is the new angle of that lift hill.  You can see new supports have been added that will have the lift making a much steeper ascent.  This in turn means the chance for the 'new' version of the ride to be taller is quite good.  The original hit 161 feet, and doing some simple photoshop on these photos makes it look like hitting 200 feet wouldn't be much of a challenge.

Looking forward to following this mystery and hearing the full plan for Mean Streak this Summer!