Monday, January 16, 2017

Taking a Closer Look at Six Flags' International Plans

This article, published on Blooloop, is actually from a couple months ago but I just recently came across it.  A lot of industry fans have been wanting to know more about Six Flags' plans to enter new countries around the globe via park franchise developments, and the story paints a lot of color as to just how they're making those plans a reality.

© Six Flags Zhejiang
Six Flags has tapped John Odum, a long-time Six Flags employee who's led several parks, to be the head of the international division.  So far park projects have been revealed for Dubai, China and Vietnam... with what sounds like more already in the works.  The story gives more depth into the role that Six Flags will play in the new parks, which is a bit more than just the name license and design.

It also gives a nice example of how the company is designing using local themes - specifically mentioning the use of a local tale as the backbone of an entire themed area in Six Flags Zhejiang.  The parks sound like a blend of local themes along with Western ones that will appeal to visitors alike.  And speaking of Six Flags Zhejiang, there's a post on this site that has what is said to be a layout of the park, showing a similar - but not exact - selection of rides as the Dubai park.

I case you missed the link up top, follow through here to read the story on Blooloop.