Friday, January 13, 2017

Hersheypark's New Triple Tower Rising Toward the Sky

© Hersheypark
The big new attraction at Hersheypark in 2017 will be the Hershey Triple Tower, a trio of S&S tower rides that are currently under construction at the park.

Built to please all members of the family, the Triple Tower will offer three different rides of increasing heights and intensities - mild to wild.  The theme park has started to share construction photos of the attraction's progress, seen here, which show that the towers are currently growing.  The first photo, from Facebook, was taken just after the base of each tower was put in place, giving us our first look.  The area, in the Kissing Tower Hill themed section, was previously home to the Flying Falcon.

© Hersheypark
This photo, shared on Twitter and more recent, shows that progress has continued to be made since the holidays.  The Hershey's Kisses Tower will be on the left, the shortest at 80 feet.  In the middle with the orange is the 131 foot tall Reese's Tower, which at the time of the photo stood the tallest.  Over on the right will be the Hershey's Tower, extending 189 feet into the air.  All three will feature both Space Shot and Turbo Drop capabilities, so that riders launch both up and down the towers.

Keep tabs on the progress of the Hershey Triple Tower via the attraction's official website.