Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Turbo Track Coaster Opening at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in March

Opening toward the end of March at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Turbo Track is a new launched shuttle coaster that has been designed by Intamin.

The ride starts inside the enclosed theme park, but after a launch section with a small hill and dip, the track blasts through the park's center glass enclosure and outside.  The train will then travel vertically up to a height of just over 203 feet, twisting 180 degrees as it goes.

Ferrari World released this teaser clip of the ride that shows off the location of Turbo Track within the park, and the twisting vertical tower:

The trains, which according to this news story, will have forward and backward facing seats, will accelerate to a stop speed of more than 60 miles per hour.  The twisting spike at the end of the ride will provide a nice sensation of zero gravity as it trains stop, then plunge back down the tower.

© Ferrari World
The article also details the elaborate engineering that was required to safely break through the park's glass center for Turbo Track to head outside.  The above photos shows just how awesome looking the outside spike it - certainly worth all that effort!

While the launch area's small rise and following dip are pretty gradual, it will still be interesting to see if there will be any air-time during that point, considering it just after the launch area!

Turbo Track will be the park's 4th coaster, with another planned to open later this year.  That ride is said to be the first "SFX Coaster" from Dynamic Attractions, filled with special track elements and digital enhancements.