Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Take a Spin on Cobra's Curse with New Point-of-View Video

Today Busch Gardens Tampa gave us a first look at what the Cobra's Curse experience will be like for visitors when the ride opens this Summer.  Using an elevator style lift, the cars make their way past the giant snake statue and begin the first part of the ride with the cars locked in the forward position.

While on a set of mid-course brakes the cars are turned backward, and then the next section of the ride takes place with riders not able to see what is coming next.  At the top of the ride's second, more traditional, lift hill, the cars are set to spin freely.

And spin they certainly do!  The cars navigate several wave-like sections of track that leave the cars rotating wildly.  The Mack designed ride travels through several below grade trenches while the cars spin, including a tunnel under the railroad tracks near the end of the ride.

In all, it looks like a great coaster that is sure to be a hit with the entire family - especially since riders 42 inches tall can board with a responsible adult!

If you're ready, fasten your seat belt and hit play!