Sunday, May 8, 2016

First Photos + Videos from Shanghai Disneyland Preview Coming Online

Shanghai Disneyland started some very limited employee previews over the weekend, and naturally social media has been buzzing with content from inside the new theme park.  While there have been limited press photos sent out by Disney thus far, and plenty of drone videos taken from over the park, this is the first look at many park details unknown thus far.

While it isn't too easy to quickly search Chinese social media sites, happily for us all Disneyandmore has done exactly that and posted over 100 photos of the park.  One of these is above, though I'm not exactly sure who the owner is to credit them.

There are a great many photos of Mickey Avenue, the 'main street' area filled with shops and amenities.  The building are all very eclectic and unlike anything we've seen before - many are themed directly to famous Disney characters.  The level of detail is very nice and the area come out wonderfully.

A limited number of videos have also started to show up, like this one of the park's new Peter Pan ride:

The ride is quite a bit longer than the previous versions we've seen, and also features some interesting new scenes.  There's also an on-ride video of the park's Tron coaster, available here, though there's one mild curse word right at the start. The ride looks exactly as what we all expected, though it's got some truly beautiful lighting both on the trains and inside the show building.

Many other areas of the park, especially Adventure Isle with its gigantic roaring waterfall, look really beautiful as well.  Since the previews just started I'm sure we will see tons of new photos and videos popping up in the coming weeks.  I really cannot wait to see a full on-ride of the new Pirates of the Caribbean ride!