Sunday, May 15, 2016

Incredible Hulk Coaster Renovation Details Revealed

© Universal Orlando
This past week Universal Orlando released tons of new details about the Incredible Hulk Coaster, which has been closed since last year for a total track replacement + all new theming.  The new version of the ride (all new supports and track have already been installed) will have a new story line and bold new look.

The above concept art is of the ride's new entrance marquee, featuring a very comic-book style Hulk holding up pieces of the ride's track.  Impressive - and the park points out that the track pieces that will be featured were salvaged from the first version of the ride.
© Universal Orlando
The Incredible Hulk Coaster's new story line has riders entering a military research facility where General Thaddeus Ross is accepting volunteers for an experiment about super strength via gamma radiation.  The all new queue will feature different aspects of the experiment, including the 'heart' of the process, the gamma core.  Eventually riders load the vehicle, ready for the Hulk-a-fication process to begin, and the gamma accelerator will send you on your trip (the concept art above is for the new launch tunnel).  The new theming looks pretty slick if I say so, you can see more shots of it in this Universal blog post.

© Universal Orlando
The park has also revealed the new design of the trains for the coaster, seen above with some very dramatic fog and lighting.  The new design is impressive, and very different from the originals.  They feature headlights as well as additional accent lighting.  New on-board audio systems will play a new original score created for the ride by Patrick Stump, lead singer for Fall Out Boy.

Sounds like there is plenty to look forward to with the reopening of the Incredible Hulk Coaster!  The park is only saying that the ride will reopen in "late Summer," with no exact date yet stated.  Here's more details, concept art and tidbits direct from Universal Creative: