Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Shanghai Pirates of the Caribbean Video Shows Stunning New Ride

Huge spoiler alert!  If you're planning on visiting Shanghai Disneyland soon, or just don't want to see what Disney has come up with for the park's Pirates ride, then do not click play above.

However, if you're not visiting soon and are interested in seeing what looks like a really amazing combination of Disney magic and plenty of technology, then this is perfect for you.

YouTube user Matthew Finnemore has uploaded a very high quality video of Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for the Sunken Treasure, showing off all the great details of the attraction.  As promised, the ride system is totally unlike the free flowing boats used in previous versions of the ride, this time they are on a track and capable of quick, fluid movements - but still look like a boat on the water.

The ride is completely based on the characters from the series of Pirates films, with a nod to the style and setting of the original attractions in the ride's opening scenes.  For instance, there's a gag where some pirates in jail, still wishing they had the key to get out, only now both they and the dog holding the key are just skeletons.

The rest of the ride should be seen to be fully understood, but there are plenty of physical sets, massive projection screens that fill the entire room, animatronic characters, an explosive finale and other special effects all balled into one stunning ride.  No doubt that for many the ride will now join the ranks of Pooh's Hunny Hunt and Journey to the Center of the Earth in Tokyo, and Mystic Manor in Hong Kong as highly regarded Disney attractions (among others, of course).