Thursday, May 26, 2016

2015 Global Attractions Attendance Report Now Available

The annual Global Attractions Attendance Report, published by the partnership of the Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM, is now available for download.

The report paints another healthy picture of the amusement industry - some basic facts the report presents show that pretty clearly.  For instance, the top 25 theme parks in the world saw a 5.4% increase in attendance last year, and the top ten theme park companies saw worldwide attendance climb 7.2%.

This is also the 10th anniversary of the first publication of the Global Attractions Attendance Report, so the creators put together some interesting facts for that period, seen above.  While many new parks have opened during the period, even without those considered there has been steady growth in the attendance of the major parks of the world.

Zeroing in on just the 2015 results - the Disney Parks continue to be the most visited, with a combined attendance of 137.9 million, up 2.7%.  The Magic Kingdom in Florida continues to rank #1 on Earth, with 20.5 million visitors, up 6% and that's the first time I recall the number surpassing 20 million!

Disneyland in California is #2 with 18.3 million, up 9%, and in third is Tokyo Disneyland with 16.6 million, down 4%.

Looking at just the U.S., there's a few parks with noteworthy movement.  Universal Studios Florida jumped up to 9.6 million, up 16%, on the success of Diagon Alley.  Knott's Berry Farm saw a 5% increase to 3.9 million, now Cedar Fair's largest attended park.  Six Flags Magic Mountain went up 9% to 3.1 million, still Six Flags' busiest park.

There's tons of additional information in the report, and it could take hours to dig through it all.  Here's the link where you can download it - happy reading!