Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SeaWorld Orlando Gives Glimspe of Mako's New Themed Area

© SeaWorld Orlando
Since construction of Mako, SeaWorld Orlando's new B&M hyper coaster, finished some time ago and the ride has been continually testing, the park has been hard at work on completing the ride's new themed area.  Called Shark Wreck Reef, the two acre themed land will feature not only the new coaster but also "Shark Encounter, Sharks Underwater Grill, shops, shark and shipwreck theming and educational experiences featuring sharks."  There's no doubt that sharks are the focus here!

Today the park had a press tour of the area, and several ride and theming elements were revealed for the first time.  Above is a photo taken inside Mako's station, the first we've seen of it.  The park has stated that the blue in the ceiling of the area will have fish swimming throughout it, I'm assuming the animated variety.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Here is the queue for Mako, which will lead up to the loading station seen in the background.  Guests will wind their way through the area which will appear as a simulated coral reef when complete.  This includes adding theming to the roller coaster's supports throughout the area.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Taking a step back into the general Shark Wreck Reef area, above are some thematic elements meant to invoke the feeling of being under the ocean's surface.  You can also see one of several shark sculptures that are made of recycled materials.  SeaWorld always ties an educational component into new attractions, and Mako is no exception.  Guests "will learn about the impact humans are having on sharks and why these animals are critical to the environment. Sharks are hunted for their fins — considered a delicacy in certain countries — and in addition, tens of thousands are caught accidentally in nets. Several species of sharks are on the verge of extinction."

© SeaWorld Orlando
The area will also feature a unique score that can be heard from when riders enter the loading area and eventually depart to climb the lift hill of the 200 foot ride.  As Mako soars over the midway to dip toward the theme park's central lagoon it will pass through the ship wreck pieces seen above.

At night the area will have accent lighting that will be "flickering and shimmering, simulating fish being scattered by a mako on the hunt."

Watch for more final details to emerge before Mako makes its grand premier on June 10th!