Monday, May 2, 2016

Mass Effect: New Earth Opens at California's Great America May 18th

© California's Great America
The official opening date for California's Great America's new "4D Holographic Journey," known as Mass Effect: New Earth, has been announced.  Starting May 18th park visitors will be able to travel through the galaxy on the ride, which features the "world's largest and highest resolution 3D LED screen."

Created after the series of popular Mass Effect video games, the ride is a simulator style attraction that combines 3D film with motion seats, live actors and in-theater special effects to create a journey that is literally out of this world.

© California's Great America
The park recently released this photo of the giant 3D LED screen with the live actor and some special effects going off as well.  The resolution of the giant screen is really stunning, utilizing more that 8.2 million pixels to create the images.

California's Great America released the below video showing off the technology that has gone into creating Mass Effect: New Earth - it's really quite a step forward for a Cedar Fair park in my opinion.

If you haven't already checked out this video, I highly suggest giving it a watch.

While the grand opening isn't until May 18th, the theme park has been starting some previews of the new attraction in recent weeks.  The ride is very much still in the test and adjust phase, with early rider feedback being used to maximize the experience.  If you want a bit of a spoiler review, here's a link to a recent one.

Between the recent Triotech dark rides and the Plants Vs. Zombies and Mass Effect attractions, I'm quite excited to see how Cedar Fair will further embrace new technologies in the coming years!