Sunday, May 22, 2016

Check Out the Latest Must-See Photos of Wildfire at Kolmarden

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Rocky Mountain's largest project for 2016 is still under heavy construction, but looks like it will be more than worth the wait.  Wildfire, located at Sweden's Kolmarden, is having large amounts of track installed at a quick pace, at least according to this update from Rocky Mountain.  From the new photos that they posted it appears as though much of the ride's track is in place, with the largest work still centered around the lift hill, initial turn and first drop.

© Kolmarden
And speaking of the lift and drop, check out this view from the park's Instagram account.  We've said all along that the ride will have some of the most beautiful and striking views from any coaster on Earth, and this proves it!

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Of the track that is in place, it looks like the sections that are not heavily banked are the minority, with the ride's design appearing as one of the most extreme yet from Rocky Mountain.  The above section takes place after the ride's first drop, moving up the giant stall element seen in the foreground.  The back hill features an extreme outward bank, quickly changing direction and plunging again.  The coaster will then head back up onto the mountain, wrapping around it and using the elevation changes to its advantage.

Though work on the ride is still underway, the park is currently aiming for a grand opening of June 18th.  Stay tuned to the park's website for any further updates!