Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fun Spot and Old Town Partner for New Thrills + New Ride Announced

Fun Spot America Theme Parks has revealed plans for a partnership with Old Town USA (located next door to Fun Spot's Kissimmee location) to move and operate several amusement rides in Old Town USA's new south entertainment district.  Fun Spot will also operate Old Town USA's new Ferris wheel that will be installed this coming September as part of the agreement.

John Arie Jr, Fun Spot America's COO stated, "This is HUGE news not just for us but the city of Kissimmee and Osceola County 192 tourist district. As we all continue to strive to keep this region the #1 destination in the world. Our goal is for all our guests to have the #BestDayEver when they are at one of our locations."

© Bing Maps
This aerial view shows how Fun Spot in Kissimmee and Old Town USA are already very close neighbors.  On the left are the shopping buildings that make up most of Old Town USA, running vertically, with the small amusement section that is being redeveloped at the bottom left of the image.  Fun Spot is located on the right - you can see the park's record-breaking 300 foot tall SkyCoaster above the park's lagoon.

Brand new fun is also coming to the Kissimmee location itself, with several changes just announced.  The first is the addition of "one of a kind" New York Burger Company themed building, see on the right.

Fun Spot will also expand their open-air pavilion to over 5,000 square feet with plenty of shaded seating and a beer garden area for visitors to enjoy.

Biggest of all will be a brand new thrill ride, named Head Rush 360.  Here's a preview of the kind of ride, built by the SBF Visa Group, that is being added:

As you can see the spinning and inverting Head Rush 360 will pack a punch and stay true to its name!

In all Fun Spot America Theme Parks will spend just over $1 million to complete this expansion, which will also result in the addition of 40 new jobs.