Monday, March 7, 2016

Valravn's Track Now Complete at Cedar Point

© Cedar Point
Last weeks construction crews at Cedar Point carefully lifted the final track piece of Valravn into place, completing the record breaking B&M dive coaster's layout.  The park's webcam allowed curious fans to watch the entire ride go up, and now lets us see the full Valravn layout in all its beauty.

© Cedar Point
According to the amusement park's construction blog, the final track piece (number 84) fit perfectly in place as is always the case with well designed B&M coasters.  Above is a photo from the park showing the final track piece being set.  The construction blog also lists the next steps in Valravn's construction, including tons of electrical work, finishing the ride's station and then landscaping the entire new area of the park.  Two of the trains are already on site, and the third is expected soon.  Can't wait to see testing start!

For more on the completion of Valravn's track, check out the latest video from Cedar Point: