Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Flying Dinosaur Train Photos + Nintendo Land in Japan News

© Made_in_USJ
The Twitter account Made_in_USJ has published the first photos of Universal Studio Japan's new Flying Dinosaur roller coaster trains.  The attraction is themed around flying with a giant dinosaur, since the coaster is one of B&M's flying rides.  The photos show the trains performing test runs, and details of the special lead car that contains a Pteranodon leading the path.

© Made_in_USJ
Here is a closer look at the underside of the lead car theming - looks nice!  This coaster seems like one that was rumored for Islands of Adventure's Jurassic Park area for years now... perhaps some day a similar ride can come to North America.  The coaster covers the entire Jurassic Park land in Japan and features plenty of inversions and other maneuvers.

While on the subject of Universal Studios Japan, news just broke on Friday that the plans to bring a Nintendo themed area to the park are being finalized and moving ahead.  According to news sources reporting off of Japanese media, the area will cost around $350 million to build and open in time for the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan.  The Nintendo Land will be about the size of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and be located just inside the park's main entrance and to the left, where special event buildings currently are.

While still only rumors, it is expected that Nintendo themed attractions or even full lands will open at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida, though not before Japan's is up and running.