Monday, March 21, 2016

Six Flags Announces Two New International Park Developments

Six Flags has announced that they have inked a new deal to license and design two Six Flags branded parks in Vietnam, which will open within three to four years.  A Six Flags theme park and a Hurricane Harbor water park will be built, however the exactly location for the development was not revealed.  This story says that the parks are expected to be built near Ho Chi Minh City.

The partnership is with a private company named NaVi Entertainment, and the release offers no additional information on NaVi or what their businesses are.  The pair of parks in Vietnam join similar licensing deals in Dubai and China.

“We are excited to announce our third international licensing partnership and are honored to work with the highly-qualified team at NaVi Entertainment as we continue expanding the Six Flags brand globally,” said John Odum, president of Six Flags International Development Co. 

Six Flags Entertainment has stated that they see potential for many more licensing deals like this to take place around the globe, pointing to them as a source of financial growth for the company in the future.