Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Construction Update for Unique S&S Coaster - GaleForce - at Playland's Castaway Cove

Ocean City, New Jersey's Playland's Castaway Cove is in the middle of a major expansion that includes a headlining new roller coaster, GaleForce.  The unique design from S&S Worldwide is the first of its kind, containing extreme launches and track maneuvers in a very small space.

The concept art above should refresh you on the layout of the new roller coaster.  It was released back when the ride was first announced and shows all the twists and turns of GaleForce.

Those wanting to keep tabs on the construction of the coaster can view this live webcam to see how things are going - the above screen shot from it shows that plenty of track is now in place.  Crews have placed the 'inside' track and supports first, and also the tallest supports are standing.

GaleForce will make the most of a small space by featuring three LSM launches, two forward and one backward, to hit a top speed of 64 miler per hour that will get the cars up to the 125 foot peak.  A beyond vertical drop will follow, then a series of swoops and dives that are both inverting and non-inverting.

A closer look at the webcam shows that the train is already loaded on the track, though covered up for now.  The single car will feature three rows of four riders, or twelve passengers at a time.  That won't make for the highest capacity around; however for this smaller seaside amusement park that should work out just fine.

Stay tuned to that construction cam as it seems that the highest track is sure to be placed soon - after that it won't be long until we see test launches starting!