Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New For 2016 Rides Almost Ready to Roll at Canada's Wonderland

© CWMania
Two new rides are nearly ready to start thrilling passengers at Canada's Wonderland, as seen in this update from inside the park via CWMania.  The website was granted a tour of both rides' construction sites at the theme park, showing that both attractions are nearly complete.

Above is a photo of one of the buckets from the Flying Eagles, a set of Larson Flying Scooters - this attraction is aimed at being fun for the whole family.  The buckets all received really nice paint jobs that are full of bold colors.

© CWMania
Canada's Wonderland's second new ride is much more thrill-oriented, and that is Skyhawk, seen above.  The tower ride utilizes individual vehicles that have a horizontal roll capability that is controlled by riders.  The arms of the ride bring passengers up to over 130 feet in the sky, where they will spin and flip - or if they choose just enjoy the view as they go.

CWMania is also reporting that Skyhawk will actually count the number of times you flip on each ride cycle, and then post the results at the end - giving the ride a bit of a competition aspect for real thrill seekers.  That's a pretty neat way to 'plus' the ride!