Sunday, March 27, 2016

Unique New Mack Coaster - Lost Gravity - Now Open at Walibi Holland

© Walibi Holland
Back in December we took a look at a new Mack-designed roller coaster being built at Walibi Holland, featuring a tight layout with fairly wild drops and inversions.  At the time the ride, named Lost Gravity, was speculated to be a spinning coaster, however that turned out to be false.

The coaster is quite unique, however, and uses Mack's new "BigDipper" style trains according to RCDB.  These individual cars seat 8 riders and although the ride has a couple inversions, only uses a nicely designed lap restraint.  The cars have two rows of four riders, and the very outside seats appear to be somewhat outside the area of the track, at least in this photo.

Lost Gravity starts with a 105 foot lift and has a 54 mile per hour top speed attained after the non-inverting 180-degree roll drop.  The track extends 2,231 feet long and there are two inversions, a 180 roll-drive combination, and a heartline twist.  The coaster also has plenty of air-time pops, a large wave turn, and a helix near the end of the course.  Add this design to my list of rides I would love to see in the U.S.!

Here's a point of view ride on Lost Gravity: