Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates 100 Days Until Opening with New Attraction Photos

© Shanghai Disney Resort
It is now only 100 days from the grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, with the special day taking place on June 16th.  With the park gates ready to open so soon, final construction work is taking place on the theme park's selection of rides and attractions - and also plenty of testing.

To celebrate the 100-days-to-go countdown, Shanghai Disneyland released some new photos from inside the park and around the resort and its hotels.  Above is a nice photo of the train for TRON Lightcycle Power Run, a launched roller coaster.  While it looks like people are riding the coaster, those are actually sand bags that fit the unique riding position of the ride.  Part of the ride takes place inside a show building, while the part seen above is protected from the weather by giant domes.

© Shanghai Disney Resort
This is an image from inside Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle For The Sunken Treasure, a modern version of the classic pirate attraction.  Depicted is a full-sized animatronic of Davy Jones, complete with plenty of barnacles and his crab leg.  This attraction is one of the most anticipated in the new park, since it will use all new technology to tell the Pirates of the Caribbean story, including a more thrilling ride experience.

To see more of the photos that were released by the park today, follow this link.