Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Intamin's New Flying Aces Roller Coaster Now Open at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

© Intamin Amusement Rides
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has opened Intamin's latest Wing Coaster design, named Flying Aces.  The ride is themed to Italy's famous Count Francesco Baracca, who is credited with creating Ferrari's logo by painting the "prancing horse" on the side of his bi-plane.  The ride features the steepest cable lift hill (51 degrees) on any coaster and also the tallest non-inverting loop (170.5 feet), seen above.

Flying Aces features ride vehicles that are themed to a bi-plane, and utilizes a ride system and train design like those featured on Hersheypark's Skyrush.

Here is a point of view ride on Flying Aces:

Flying Aces' initial lift hill reaches around 207 feet in the air, and hits a top speed of nearly 75 miles per hour.  The track length is 4,920 feet and features a layout that includes many low-to-the-ground turns and ten moments of air-time.

Ferrari World released a nice making-of video that explains more of Flying Aces' theme and the construction process:

Flying Aces joins Ferrari World's other two roller coasters, a steel racing ride and also Formula Rossa, the world's fastest coaster.  Two additional coaster rides, the first SFX Coaster to open and an Intamin shuttle, will also come online at the park later this year.