Saturday, September 5, 2015

Villains Invade Six Flags Over Texas and Bring 3 New Rides With Them

Continuing to take a look at all that has been announced for Six Flags theme parks in 2016, we find a trio of super villains invading Six Flags Over Texas, and bringing two new and one refurbished thrill rides with them.

The rides will appear inside the park's Gotham City themed area, which is already home to both Batman The Ride and Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast - both large roller coasters.

Here is the park's Gotham City area, at the bottom of the image is a ride called Crazy Legs, which will become Harley Quinn Spinsanity.  It appears as though it will receive a full makeover including a new paint scheme.  The ride has been at the park some time, and features three giant rotating arms, taking rides up to 30 feet and 47 degrees off ground level, per the park's release.

Next up is Catwoman Whip, which appears to be a modern day version of the classic Enterprise ride.  The only place I've seen an image of it is in the park's promotional videos for the expansion, like this:

You'll see that the ride looks much like the brand new Endeavor attraction that is due to open at Luna Park in Coney Island any day now, also know as Zamperla's place of choice to debut newly designed rides.  If that is indeed what Catwoman Whip is, well kudos to the park for trying something new!

Finally, the largest of the new rides is The Riddler Revenge, a large swinging pendulum ride that's sure to make quite a statement in Gotham City.

The ride stands 90 feet tall but as the pendulum swings upward at an angle of 120 degrees, it will reach 146 feet in the air - that's taller than 9 of the park's roller coasters!  40 riders will be able to sit on a rotating platform that's at the base of the ride, seated facing outwards.

I really like the idea of rejuvenating Gotham City with these new attractions.  Read more directly from Six Flags Over Texas at this link.