Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Final Dorney Park Update Before 2015 Haunt Begins

Dorney Park was lucky and had beautiful weather for Labor Day weekend, the final hurrah of the Summer.  Although the park has been slowly revealing more of its Haunt set up as the weeks go by, now things are in high gear with less than two weeks until the event starts.

Hydra plaza is already set up as CarnEvil, a place sure to freak out anyone with a fear of clowns.  This year the area will see the return of Skeleton Crew, a live show featuring "cirque-style" acts.

Down in the lower part of the park, CornStalkers: Barn Bred & Blood Fed looks to have had its finishing touches applied.  In an earlier post I mentioned that it did not look like all the former go-kart track was to be used, and happily I was dead wrong.  After the initial section in the house, and before the Barn finale, the cornstalk portion will stretch all the way to the far end of the former track.

While Age of Darkness doesn't appear to be much different when walking through the park, they have put up a sign advertising its new Skeleton Key room.  The room will be a part of the Torture Chamber section, which is located off the main midway behind these gates.

The park has made quick work of finishing up the all new haunted house by Steel Force.  Trick or Treat has had its entrance arch installed, the top of which can be seen here.

Taking a step back, here is a look at the entire facade as it was this past weekend.  The park has been installing queue rails and put up the giant facade on the far side of the structure.  If this is anything like the one at Knott's, guests will actually have to ring the doorbell of the witch's house before they can enter.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what's cooking inside!

Finally, I do not believe the park has revealed the details of their new Snoopy's Halloween Party non-scare fest aimed at kids - but this sign is up on the Good Time Theatre.  Looks like they're changing quite a bit this year, and adding a "Funster House" and a "Monster Foam Machine."  We'll stay tuned for more on this part of the fall activities at the park.

Dorney Park's Halloween Haunt will begin Friday September 18th, and the website for the event is now live.