Monday, September 7, 2015

Phantasialand's New Must-See-To-Believe Taron Photos

Germay's Phantasialand is proud to show off new construction photos of Taron, the park's currently under construction Intamin launch roller coaster.  The project looked interesting from the very start, as huge walls began to go up around the multiple levels of the coaster.  The park needs to shield most of their rides in some way to keep sound from going outside the park, and they never skimp on theming to get that done.

At this point nearly all the coaster track is in place, but good luck trying to sort out a layout.  This thing is so beyond twisted it seems like there are countless track crossovers.  And few supports aren't incorporated into the ride's theming and left bare.  This photo shows that process going on, and also notice that the track is sealed up to protect it from all the work creating the theming.

This Intamin ride will feature multiple strong LMS launches, at least two but possibly a third.  At least one of them, perhaps the awesome looking one above, is well below ground level as well.  That's another method Phantasialand used on Taron to 'hide' some of the height of the coaster, sinking it down below the ground level.

Here's two additional photos the park revealed in one of their updates.  Taken from higher up, you can start to get a feel for how much space Taron covers.  This will certainly be one of the longer launched rides around when it is complete.

This link will get you over to Phantasialand's website, showing each of the four articles they've posted so far about Taron.  Each have a set of photos worth seeing!