Saturday, September 19, 2015

Universal Studios Japan's New Coaster Now Topped Out

© Made_in_USJ via Twitter
Both the tallest support and top of the lift track are now in place on Universal Studios Japan's new B&M flying roller coaster.  Seen above and below in photos from Twitter user Made_In_USJ, the lift has become quite an imposing sight over the Jurassic Park themed area.  The park hasn't fully announced the ride yet, so we still do not have any hard statistics for the coaster, but the lift is certainly not small!

Just taking a look at previous B&M Flying coasters, it seems that the rides that range from 100 feet to 140 feet tall utilize three main lift supports, while Tatsu, using a 170 foot lift at Six Flags Magic Mountain, uses four main supports.  The new coaster at Universal Studios Japan also uses four supports, though that's about the least scientific way to arrive at a height estimate I can think of, so take it with a giant grain of salt.

© Made_in_USJ via Twitter
But regardless of the actual height in feet, this new coaster is pretty tall, no doubt.  These photos give a bit more perspective on that, especially the one on the left before the top track crown was in place.

Also of note is that the top of the lift appears to be directly over the main midway of Jurassic Park, meaning the drop will also be.  That might be a part of why the lift is quite tall, leading to a smaller drop that stays well above the walkway below.  Looking at an aerial of that part of the park, it looks like most of the ride will be interacting with walkways, really.

The next track elements to go up will certainly give us an idea of how the ride's layout will go, so stay tuned!