Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Valravn Dives Into Cedar Point in 2016

The world's longest, tallest and fastest dive roller coaster, Valravn, will open at Cedar Point in 2016.  Today the park let the "regal king of birds" out of the bag, and proudly showed the park's 18th coaster off to the world.

Valravn will be located in the area that was home to the Good Time Theatre, and also the Turnpike Cars near the Marina Entrance.  The entire area will receive a make over for the new ride.

Here is the schematic that Cedar Point released for the ride, showing (1) the ride's station which feeds into (2) a 223 foot tall lift hill.  As with other Bolliger and Mabillard dive coasters, a turn at the top leads to a four second holding brake (3) at the edge of the 90 degree, 214 foot (4) first drop.

Valravn will then soar into a (5) 165-foot-tall Immelmann and a climb up to a 131 foot tall (6) mid-course brake run.  Another near 90 degree 125 foot drop follows, and then a dive loop (7), 270 degree roll (8) and an air-time hill (9) finish out the layout.

Here's a nice rendering of the overall development site.  You can see how the new Marina Entrance will be located directly below the highest part of Valravn, which will create quite an entrance for visitors.  A new midway will connect the entrance to Blue Streak, which previously was a dead end.

Here's the view from the top of the lift, where riders will be held for several seconds before plunging down.  Valravn's top speed will be 75 miles per hour and it will feature a total track length of 3,415 feet.  In total, Cedar Point says that the ride will break 10 world records!

Also of note is that the new coaster will be Bolliger and Mabillard's 100th coaster design, quite an accomplishment for the company!  Valravn will have three trains, each seating a total of 24 passengers - three rows of 8 seats.  The trains will feature updated vest-like restraints, similar to what is on GateKeeper.

Cedar Point has created an extensive website for Valravn, filled with plenty of renderings, videos and additional statistics.  Make sure to check that out here.  Below is a birdseye view of the ride in action.