Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miracle Strip at Pier Park For Sale + New Observation Wheel Plans

Aerial view © Bing
Miracle Strip at Pier Park, an independent amusement park in Panama City Beach, Florida, has closed early for the season and is reported to be for sale - with a new owner said to already be lined up.

The park recently obtained permission to build a 190 foot tall observation wheel at a cost of $7 million, which would attract guests looking for amazing views of the ocean.  It seems that the plan to obtain permission for the wheel was a necessary part of the deal to get the park sold, per this story.

The park moved just a few hundred feet from its former location in 2013, receiving a new home on much more land with plenty of room to grow.  Miracle Strip at Pier Park is home to a wide variety of classic amusement rides and attractions, many of which came from or are very similar to those at the original Miracle Strip park.

A plan has been in place for over a year now to recreate the famous Starliner wooden roller coaster, though this sale may put that ride in jeopardy.  The article states that the observation wheel will cater to a wider audience and then perhaps later the wooden coaster could materialize.  We'll have to wait and see what happens.


Unknown said...

Ugh! WHY AN OBSERVATION WHEEL! Many people (me included) would LOVE and WERE planning to take a road trip to Florida to ride the Starliner recreation. I know 0 people who would drive many hours to ride an observation wheel, on which the park already has a Ferris Wheel. And the ideology that "more people can ride the wheel than the roller coaster." WHAT?! More people would like to ride a roller coaster than an OBSERVATION WHEEL! And why wouldn't they choose the roller coaster first? It's cheaper than a $7,000,000 wheel!