Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Water Rides, Coaster Trains, Giant Loops, The Return of Superman + More at Six Flags Parks in 2016

Taking a final look at some of the smaller additions at Six Flags parks in 2016, we find a variety of new items, from water rides to returning super coaster themes.

Six Flags America will expand their Hurricane Harbor water park in 2016 with Splashwater Falls, an "interactive water playground" that will have seven water slides, nets, sprays, geysers and more spread out over multiple levels.  As with most interactive water structures, Splashwater Falls will also have a giant bucket on top of it that will fill, then tip and dump tons of water on those below.

The expansion will also see the addition of new deck areas surrounding Splashwater Falls, perfect for parents to relax on new lounge chairs while their kids explore the attraction.

Six Flags White Water, outside Atlanta, will debut the Wahoo Racer in 2016, a giant multi lane mat racing water slide.

The attraction will start sixty feet above the ground and feature two distinct sections, a twisting enclosed tube section at the top, then a multi-hill racing section toward the bottom.  The ride's bright colors and height will make it easily visible from outside the park, drawing visitors in to experience speeds of up to 40 feet per second as they race down.

Six Flags White Water plans to open Wahoo Racer in May of next year.

A classic roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Revolution, will see major upgrades to its trains next year, making a much more comfortable ride experience for visitors.  The trains will no longer have over-the-shoulder restrains, instead new lap and calf bars will firmly hold passengers in place.

Revolution will also be repainted white and blue, and as seen in the concept art above the trains will be red, white and blue with a shimmering eagle on the front car.  You can't get more patriotic than that!

The coaster originally opened in 1976, and will be celebrating 40 years in 2016.  The ride will close after September 7th to begin its transformation.

Canada's La Ronde will see two new rides added in 2016, and one ride's trains turned around backwards.  Let's start with that last one, as Vampire will receive the backwards Batman trains that have been moving around the parks the past two years.  The park isn't specifically saying a length of time that the backwards trains will be on Vampire, so perhaps for the full season.

Two new rides will also open next year at La Ronde, starting with the Phoenix, a set of Larson Flying Scooters.  The second is named Gravitor, and I'm not quite sure what kind of ride it is.  The description says it has eight suspended, two-seater gondolas that have a joystick to allow for 360 degree rotation (horizontal, not vertical).  A few shots of the ride can be seen in this promotional video.  It looks very much like a ride you would see at a European fair.

Larson Giant Loops will be coming to four parks in total next year, with one already mentioned as part of Six Flags Fiesta Texas' expansion.  At The Great Escape the ride will be named Greezed Lightnin' complete with a 1950's theme, and will be located across from Thunder Alley.  At Six Flags St. Louis the ride will be named Fireball and replace the Rush Street Flyer in the Illinois section of the park.  Also named Fireball, Six Flags New England will open one of the loopers in their Rockville section next year.

Last, but not least, Six Flags New England is kicking Bizarro out of the park and returning Superman to his rightful coaster.  Now known as Superman The Ride, the hyper coaster that rates #1 on many lists will be repainted its former colors and once again honor Superman.  Interesting that the ride won't return to its exact former name, which was Superman: Ride of Steel.

The theme park promises several improvements to the coaster when it reopens next year, including "super hero theming and music" throughout the ride experience.