Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Family River Rapids Ride Headed to Tusenfryd in 2016

Norway's Tusenfryd has announced the addition of a highly themed river rapids ride for 2016.  Under the working name of Rapid River, the park will spend upwards of $6 million on the new family attraction.  Tusenfryd is a part of the Parques Reunidos family of theme parks and attractions.

© Tusenfryd
Rapid River is being advertised by the park as the only ride of its kind in all of Northern Europe.  It will feature a 1,640 foot long channel that nine boats will navigate.  The ride will carry a Norse theme, in the same vein as the park's Thor's Hammer dark ride.  Rapid River will cover over four acres and 900 riders per hour will be able to take a spin.

© Tusenfryd
The park also released this nice drawing of the entire attraction's layout, showing the theming that will be applied.  The ride will have several waterfalls, a long dark tunnel and a "swirling maelstrom" that riders must avoid - that last element is the huge whirlpool you see in the upper left of the art.

The park hasn't specifically said if there will be, but it almost appears as though there will be a drop near the end of the ride, before the large retaining pool and lift back up to the station.

Tysenfryd is home to several large rides like Thundercoaster, a Vekoma built wooden roller coaster, and Speed Monster, an Intamin accelerator.