Friday, April 10, 2015

Take A Ride on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Tempesto Launch Coaster

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is getting excited for the official launch of Tempesto, the park's new for 2015 roller coaster, on April 25th.  This video has been released, showing a point-of-view ride on the new attraction, to help drum up some anticipation. 

The attraction was designed by Premier Rides and features several forward and backward launches that get the train up to 63 miles per hour.  At the top of the coaster, 154 feet above the ground, the train will perform a full heartline roll, before dropping into more twists including a non-inverting loop.

Since this is the same layout as on other Premier rides like Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we already pretty much knew what to expect.  However, Tempesto is using a three car train to help with capacity, so there may be some new forces to experience in that third car.  I'll be excited to see how that changes the ride experience.

For more about the new coaster, check out this recent update from Scott & Carol, and the park's official website.