Saturday, April 11, 2015

NewsPlusNotes March 2015 Poll Results

© Knott's Berry Farm
Better late than never!  In March we asked our readers about the dark-ride agendas of two major amusement park operators, Six Flags and Cedar Fair.  We were wondering which company's recent approach to bringing dark rides back to the park is headed in the right direction.

Cedar Fair has premiered an interactive 4-D gaming dark ride that relies heavily on 3-D screens to provide the ride's details.  This premiered at Canada's Wonderland last year with Wonder Mountain's Guardian and the second in the "Amusement Dark" series will open at Knott's Berry Farm this May - that's Voyage to the Iron Reef.

Six Flags, while home to many older dark rides, is reentering the genre with Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, also an interactive gaming style ride - however using well known licensed characters, 3-D sets and a couple animatronics to bring the attraction to life.

When the voting was over, 58% of our readers voted for Cedar Fair's approach, leaving 42% of the total vote for Six Flags.  I admit I was a tad surprised by this outcome, but I haven't ridden Guardian so I don't have solid footing to base an opinion on.

However, I love dark rides and am so happy to see them being added at both chains - I seriously have been waiting for this for some years now.  Hopefully we'll see even more added in the future!

This month's poll, also better late than never, is now live.  With a new entry into the Giga category, which is your favorite?