Sunday, April 12, 2015

Six Flags New England's Wicked Cyclone Nearing Completion

© Six Flags New England
This weekend marked the opening of Six Flags New England for the 2015 season, and that also means that guests got their first up-close look at Wicked Cyclone.  The track has been steadily applied to the structure in the last couple weeks, and just recently the final heartline roll was put into place.  That's what you can see above, shared by the park on social media.  I love how the roll is totally buried within the ride's structure, adding head, arm - everything choppers to the experience!

SFNE Online has published a great report on the status of the ride form this weekend, covering A to Z about the coaster, including the area surrounding it.  This is going to be one mighty ride when it opens!  The site also has published a look at other changes that have been made around the park, including the removal of the park's sky ride and more.