Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Avatar Based Touring Exhibition Kicking Off in Fall 2016

A brand new, state-of-the-art touring exhibition based on Jame Cameron's Avatar franchise will debut in the Fall of 2016, Global Experience Specialists and Fox have announced.  The tour has been "inspired by the amazing creatures and environments of the world of Pandora first introduced in the record-breaking film" and is being developed with consultation by Mr. Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment.

© GES / Fox
The world and many wonder of Pandora will come to life in the exhibition through immesive and interactive displays, all of which present Pandora as a real place that guests are able to "visit and study."  The tour will cover 10,000 square feet and present 45 minutes of "guest engagement."

The press release covers some of the more interesting features of the touring exhibit:
  • An examination of the Alpha Centauri system, home to the fictional planet Polyphemus and its moon Pandora, that offers visitors a multimedia journey into the world's discovery and the challenges of space travel to reach it from Earth.
  • A Bioluminescent Theater, where visitors experience a recreation of Pandora at night and learn about its beauty, danger and the connections among the many organisms that inhabit the moon.
  • An Amplified Mobility Platform suit for guests to step inside to experience the challenge of surviving on Pandora as a human.
  • Na'vi culture depicted through careful reproductions to provide an in-depth look at these humanoid inhabitants and how their clans have created unique ways of connecting with nature.
  • More than a dozen hands-on interactive components that will appeal to everyone from the most avid fan to newcomers to this compelling world
The traveling exhibition will be sent to "global markets," so this is not only a U.S. based experience.  The first of three sequels to the original 2009 Avatar film will be released in 2017, the same year that Disney's Animal Kingdom will open their Avatar themed land.