Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bigger, Better Planet Snoopy Now Open at California's Great America

With the 2015 season now underway, little visitors to California's Great America are already enjoying a greatly expanded Planet Snoopy.  The California theme park has expanded Planet Snoopy into the former KidZville area, making one large, cohesively themed wonderland for kids and their families.

In addition to retheming several existing rides and repainting and refurbishing the land's structures, the expansion also brings three new rides to the park.  Snoopy's Space Buggies features lunar bopping cars that spin in a circle, Gr8Sk8 is a giant skateboard that simulates nearly going off the edge of the track, and the Peanuts 500 is a race car themed mini-whip ride.

California's Great America created this video which shows off the festivities they had for the Plant Snoopy expansion opening, and also of the new rides.  They certainly look like they are a hit with visitors to the park!

This year mark's the park's 40th anniversary, a big milestone for sure.  They have not only expanded Planet Snoopy, but are also featuring longer operating hours, new live entertainment and food offerings such as a Starbucks. It is so wonderful to see current Cedar Fair management believe in the future of the park - I'm sure more great things are on the horizon!