Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Fury 325 Lights Up The Night!

We enjoyed riding Fury 325 so much we returned to Carowinds again, and this time we were able to score a night ride. The plaza transforms after dark, and the ride is nothing short of phenomenal!

The sign puts on its own show, complete with sound effects.

Notice how the line does not extend outside the queue, the combination of a highly motivated ride crew and the over 1400 guests per hour capacity of Fury 325 means repeat rides are available for die hard coaster enthusiasts. The color green is every where, from the entrance...

stretching far into the sky on the lift hill, with complementary the hued support structure...

to the themed store, where everything Fury 325 is available...

and through the tunnel, under the main walkway to the parking lot.

In this video you can hear the riders go over the path, and then you can see them speed through the tunnel. Everyone stops on the path to have just one more encounter with Fury 325 on their way out of the park. A night ride is the perfect capstone to a great day at Carowinds.