Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dark Rides To Sprout Up at All Cedar Fair Parks

The L.A. Times has run a must-read article for any fan of dark rides or Cedar Fair parks, revealing that current CEO Matt Ouimet plans to have dark rides built at all the parks - eventually.

As we have covered, Cedar Fair is rolling out 4-D gaming style dark rides under the Amusement Dark brand, with the first ride opened last year at Canada's Wonderland, named Wonder Mountain's Guardian.  A month from today Knott's Berry Farm will open the second, Journey to the Iron Reef.

The article has some fantastic quotes from Mr. Ouimet, and I don't want to share them all here - but it sounds like continuing to use original storylines will take place at other parks.  There's even talk of bringing animatronics into the fold on these $10-$15 million attractions in the future.

So this is great news in my book! It sounds like we won't see the next instillation until at least 2017, however.  But good things come to those who wait!

Click here to read the full details from the L.A. Times.