Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Intamin Coaster Going Up in Germany

Germany's Phantasialand has surprised us all by quietly starting to build what appears to be a launched Intamin coaster - not for 2015 but for what seems to be a 2016 project.

The roller coaster will be a part of a new themed area named Klugheim, which is expected to be a part of the larger Mystery area of the park.  This will make it neighbors with the indoor freefall Mystery Castle, and the ever-impressive looking River Quest rapids ride.

Phantasialand has cleared out a pretty big space to construct the new area and roller coaster, seen in orange above.  Many buildings were removed so the coaster can be closely incorporated into the existing park.

As for the ride itself, it is rumored to be called Taron, and there is already a large amount of track and supports standing.  What they reveal is a twisted looking Intamin launch ride.  There's a scrolling gallery of recent photos located at this link you can check out.  Rumors have sprouted regarding possible indoor dark ride sections, and other special maneuvers like a possible free-fall section.

The park deals with constant issues of noise complaints, so many rides are covered, partially indoors, or blocked by large walls.  This will be true of the new coaster as well, as you can see massive themed walls going up at the same time as the coaster in the photos.

The park is already home to rides such as Black Mamba, a B&M Inverted Coaster and Winjas, a pair of indoor/outdoor Maurer spinning coasters.  They just opened Chiapas last year, an elaborately themed water flume.