Thursday, April 2, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - More Fury 325

On Friday March 27th 2015 we brought you a  A Look At Carowinds Fury325. Today we wanted to share some of the highlights of the Fury 325 Media Event. 

The brand new entrance welcomes media and attendees to the opening of Fury 325

and to Carowinds

Carowinds is situated on the North Carolina/South Carolina border. 

The widely spaced supports let the top of the 325 foot lift hill appear to "float" in the sky, and the effect is more pronounced when you ride.

Here is a few highlights from the grand opening

Scott interviews Carowinds Vice President and General Manager Mike Fehnel. Do you think he is excited about "his" newest attraction? I bet he smiles all during the management meetings with corporate.

This twisted stretch, called the "Treble Clef" incorporates a dive to ground level, swirls  skyward, and finishes with a 90 degree banked turn before diving into the tunnel. That's a great turnaround!

Scott interviews Rob Decker, Cedar Fairs Senior Vice President of Planning  Design. Yes, he and his team do have the coolest jobs in the world. Even better, they get first crack at experiencing their projects upon completion.

One of Fury 325's  32 passenger trains nears the crest of the rides 325 foot lift hill. They train moves exceedingly fast up the lift hill, and this pumps guests through the attraction efficiently. For traditional roller coasters, the lift hill is the most time consuming part of the ride.

Riders cross above the entrance bridge at a 45 degree angle, to cheers from arriving guests on the path below.

The train is climbing the turn in the "Treble Clef", and is actually in South Carolina at this point.

Riders are just about to zoom under the entrance bridge and reenter North Carolina.

Our first ride on Carowind's amazing Fury 325! It's so good we went back for more on Easter Weekend. Again we would like to thank the kind folks at Carowinds and Cedar Fair for a great day!