Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Texas Chute Out's Final Fall

© Dallas Morning News
Blowing up rides is so hot right now, no?  We recently saw Cedar Point use the pyrotechnic method to bring down the Space Spiral, and today Six Flags Over Texas did a similar job on their famous Texas Chute Out ride.

The park had previously announced that the ride, along with the Flashback roller coaster, would be removed before the 2013 season when the world's tallest Star Flyer, dubbed the Texas SkyScreamer, will open.  That ride will stand an amazing 400 feet in the sky, twice as high as the Chute Out.

The Texas Chute Out was one of only two parachute rides still operating in the U.S., now the only one standing is at Six Flags Great Adventure.  It looks like the ride fell directly onto the former location of the Flashback coaster, which has already been removed from the park.

For the video of the ride coming down, check out the Dallas News, and also for some neat shots of the rubble afterward check out this gallery at the Star-Telegram.