Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SplashTacular's Big 2013 Six Flags Contract

When Six Flags announced the new Bonzai Pipelines waterslide tower addition last month, slated for both Six Flags New England and Six Flags America, many (including myself) figured that the manufacturer was one that had recently provided the chain with additions.  Turns out that the pair of slide towers will actually be provided by SplashTacular, and be the first installations of their new Down Under design.

The towers will stand almost 70 feet tall, and feature six separate body slides that each start with a "DrenalineDrop" freefall start.  Up at the top the riders in the capsules will be able to stare at each other while waiting for their turn to fall, something that should be really entertaining.

After the drop the riders speed through 50 feet of translucent fiberglass, which allows guests near the tower to see the riders in action.  Each slide's path is slightly different than the others, making repeat rides a must.  The different colors of the tubes will help create favorites among guests, no doubt.

For more on the Down Under slide towers, check out this story from SplashTacular.