Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scott and Carol Present Kings Island's Haunt

Welcome to Halloween Haunt 2012, only on weekends at Kings Island.

The International Street fountains never looked more ominous. When the breeze is right, the mist and fog combine to make the brightest street lights dim.

The Fright Feast Meal offers Montgomery Inn Pulled Pork BBQ, Grilled Chicken Breasts, and lots of fixins, including Potato Salad, desert, and drinks. A great way to fortify yourself for an evening of being scared. You need lots of energy to shriek loudly.

This interesting prop lit up with a moving face, very creepy greets you as you arrive for dinner!

The lights of summer have been replaced with something a little more subtle, and combined with the fog, the whole park is transformed.

This poor soul didn't know which way to turn, but it sure is a neat costume.

The repurposing of the "Crypt" building is new for 2012. Some parts of the old theming were kept, but alas, not the old video screen. Beware of the mix of human looking props and actual scaractors lurking in the shadows, it is you they have been waiting, for years and years.

Here is some of Tomb Raider's theming, but with new lighting and props.

Here you can participate in Madame Fatale's Dead Inn Feast, where you can experience excellent dining while being served by the creepiest wait staff ever. After you eat, Madame Fatale or one of her minions will guide you through the Cavern of Terror.

Urgent Scare is enough to terrorize anyone who hates hospitals and doctors. Something has gone terribly wrong with the treatment of the plague patients here, and you must get out before you too become infected.

The spirits of Phantom Theatre reappear annually for Haunt, but now they are a little bit more ghostly. Good to see old friends again.

Even the Easter Bunny is scary in Holiday Horror. He, along with the symbols of many other celebratory days throughout the year, take a sinister turn in this maze.

The full moon has all the citizens of the Wolf Pack howling, and after seeing the larger than life props inside, you will be also as you flee in terror back to the light. Utilizing the old Son of Beast station, there is a spot where you can get a souvenir photo taken to show your friends how brave you are.

The Graveyard Shift show features may rock 'n roll classics, like "We are a monster band" and "Abracadabra." A fun place to rest before striding forth once again into the night, only to be scared all over again.

Here "Patch" gets his Love Shock during the creation process.

Hot Blooded proves that you need to be careful who you bite and who you let bite you. Deliciously graphic, if you don't like blood, this show isn't for you.

Blood Drums starts off with powder on their instruments, and everything is set up right in the middle of Action Zone. These explosive percussion performers show that music is where you look for it, and they obviously spent a lot of time in an industrial junkyard, having kegger parties.

So here is just a taste of all the ghouish fun available at Kings Island during the Haunt. In the words of the Graveyard Shift, "Come on ghouls, lets get it on," an go to Kings Island for one last blast of Halloween fun this year. Thanks to the PR Department, the many scaractors, and everyone else at Kings Island who helped us bring you this story.