Monday, October 22, 2012

News From EAS + Adventure World Warsaw Preview

The European Attractions Show, basically IAAPA for Europe, was recently held and the CoasterCruiser sent us a link to some interviews and other videos they took while visiting the show.

So far they've published interviews with Great Coasters, Intamin, and Zamperla, both about the company's 2012 developments and some hints about things we may see coming next year.  In fact some of the companies were a bit more free than I would have expected!

Another video CoasterCruiser uploaded is a great look at the model of Adventure World Warsaw, Poland's first theme park resort destination, with one of the property's designers.  They cover all the rides that are going into the property, which sounds a bit like a Vekoma showroom.  There's one of their new junior boomerang coasters, a motorbike, mine train, and junior ride.  There's a lot more to the park than the coasters, however, and I can be honest when I say that I haven't read much about it until now.

For a link to CoasterCruiser on YouTube, click here.