Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Mack Launched Coaster for Liseberg in 2014

Sweden's Liseberg Amusement Park started hinting a few days ago that they had a big announcement coming up... but I had no idea just how big it was!

Carefully study this track layout... it is twisted!
Yes... turns out we're talking Mack double launch, 4,445 foot long coaster, currently named Projekt Helix.  Not clear yet on what the final name of the ride will be, but by my standards Project Helix is pretty cool on its own!

Taking full advantage of the hillside that Lisebergbanan did when it opened in 1987, Projekt Helix will start near the top of the hill and use gravity for just a bit before launching up into a huge overbanked turn, and then the journey down the hill begins.  The given height of the ride is 135 feet, though I have to wonder if that's the difference from the highest to the lowest part, as Projekt Helix is most definitely a terrain coaster.

As the train dives down the hillside it first encounters an enormous pretzel loop, seen above.  These are the first two inversions of the six found on the ride and coexist with four air-time hills and plenty of other twists, turns, and helices.  The maximum speed on Projekt Helix will be 62 miles per hour, making it the fastest ride at Liseberg.  The coasters travels up and down the hillside several times, extending over and past several of the park's other rides.

Projekt Helix will utilize the train design that Mack created for Blue Fire at Europa Park, which have had some excellent reviews ever since they debuted.  Above is some concept art for the coaster's trains, carrying on the green theme that matches the ride's track.

The park has also released this slick video of the ride, which shows off much of the $23 million ride's layout.  This is going to be one incredible ride when it opens, and I'm already looking forward to watching it built!