Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scott And Carol Present: Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America

Tiny's offspring flank the memorial banner on the American Eagle honoring their mother during Fright Fest 2012.  

So how would you like to be these guys? No only do you get a cool view of the American Eagle but you also participate in remembering a Six Flags Great America icon. 


For FrightFest, the park has so many actors that they require two makeup assembly lines to get everybody prepped.

This part of the operation specializes in street characters, who are never decorated like any of the options available for purchase in the park. Once everyone was prepared...

It was time for Tiny's Memorial Parade. Guests lined the parade route throughout the park in order to pay their final respects. Long a landmark for people traveling past the park on the Tri-State Tollway, hopefully the offspring will continue the tradition.

Despite the large size of the hearse, Tiny  couldn't fit all the way inside, so a couple of her legs dragged behind. Not many tears were shed, because her fans had mainly happy memories of the way she announced the opening of FrightFest.

Tiny's final resting place will be outside the entrance to the Pictorium. They will probably need a bigger shovel unless she is cremated.

Love at First Fright is a Fright Fest staple, with children now coming dressed as their favorite characters. The cast spends as much time interacting with the guests after the show  posing for pictures with the fans as they do putting on the show.

Arguably one of the best Halloween shows presented in parks, Love At First Fright has been collecting Big E and other awards for so long they are gathering cobwebs.

Great music, fun dancing, and great topical one-liners make the show a must see for everyone. The season pass holder line is always longer than the line at the front door, which shows the priority the regular park guests put into the show.

Dracula has been a member of the Love at First Fright cast for a number of years and easily puts a spell on you.

The original Vampira returned to Six Flags Great America during Fright Fest to reprise her role as "The Devil with the Blue Dress."

Here Witchy Poo is throwing her hands in exasperation because her "children" cannot keep up with her directions. She leads the whole cast in doing the "Time Warp," and many children in the audience stand up and play along.

One of the premier haunted attractions is Massacre Medical Center. A hospital where many are admitted, but few discharged. According to Whitney, the manager, a minimum of 34 actors are stationed throughout the maze.

This maze ware originally developed by the Entertainment Design Group, whose portfolio includes The Dark Knight, Navy Fear, and many nationally know parades. Six Flags Great America has enhanced the attraction  and now considers it their "pride and joy," according to Brandon Bruce.

Groups are assembled here in the waiting room, prior to entering rest of the maze. Everyone needs to take notice of who is in their group, because that information will be useful later.

All the outdated medical equipment from the Tri-State area seems to be crammed into the maze. Luckily for Six Flags Great America, this building is not used for anything else outside of Fright Fest so they don't have to haul it away and store it somewhere else.

This table features prominently in the abduction part of the attraction. Remember who you started with!

Evidently the impeller malfunctioned in this therapy pool and started chopping off body parts. It won't be lit up like this when guests arrive, but this shows the detail put into the mazes.

Flames and fog greet all who enter the Bayou Du Vaudou. Be careful of the shadows, as the ancient crypts of deceased practitioner's of voodoo magic lurk there.

It just isn't Fright Fest until you see the "puking guy," who normally resides in Necropolis. He is one of the favorite returning stunts at Six Flags Great America.

If you enter after dark, this is how you are greeted entering Six Flags Great America during Fright Fest. It will always be dark when you leave, so this will be the last thing you see when you are done. Thanks to Brandon and Whitney for their help in giving us an inside look at Fright Fest 2012.