Friday, October 12, 2012

Skycoaster Popularity Still Soaring

© Ride Entertainment Group
Seven years since their purchase of the Skycoaster attraction, Ride Entertainment Group is still seeing continued success and popularity of the up-charge amusement park attraction.  Kennywood was the first park to build a permanent Skycoaster, and since then they have popped up at parks around the globe and on six continents.

So far there will be two new Skycoaster installations in 2013, one of which will be at Wet'n'Wild in Sydney, Australia.  It will be the first to feature an all new design that uses significantly less steel than any other ride of its size, which will be 251 feet tall.

© Ride Entertainment Group
The engineering that went into the new design of the Skycoaster was a must in order to meet the tough wind codes found in Australia.  Ride Entertainment Group is particularly proud of the work that went into the new design, and sees it as a major plus for the future of the rides.

On the greater future of Ride Entertainment Group CEO Ed Hiller says “Ride Entertainment started as a sales company and has grown into a full service amusement park business with sales, revenue share, installation and operations divisions.  We have seen a lot of change over the past few years and I look forward to continued business growth throughout the industry.”

I'll be excited to see the new design once it goes up in Australia.  If I recall correctly my first Skycoaster was at Cedar Point, and I've had the opportunity to try out quite a few more since then.  The thrill of the plunge is quite addicting!