Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cedar Fair Names New Official Beverage Sponsor

Coke fans rejoice!  Cedar Fair has announced that Coke will be the official beverage sponsor of the entire chain of parks.

Technically the "official refreshment beverage" will be Coke starting in January of 2013 - and this is no short term deal, as the two companies have agreed upon a 10 year contract.

"Coca-Cola beverages will be made available to park guests throughout Cedar Fair's regionally dispersed network, which encompasses 11 amusement parks, 6 waterparks and 5 hotels, including Cedar Point.  Guests will have the opportunity to purchase the beverages at a broad array of venues throughout the parks, including restaurants, mobile carts and vending areas.  Products will include Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, Coca-Cola Zero™, PowerAde® and Dasani® bottled water, along with energy drinks, teas and juices."

The agreement will also be leveraged through marketing campaigns, helping to spread the word of the Cedar Fair properties via marketing initiatives such as tv, radio, the internet, movie theaters, and social media.

With the switch of Cedar Fair from Pepsi to Coke I do believe that basically the greater theme park world of North America now belongs to Coke.  Six Flags, SeaWorld Parks, Disney, Universal - they're all Coke as well.  Bring on the Freestyle machines!