Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scott and Carol Present - Son of Beast Destruction

It seem like only last year when we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island to take some before pictures of Son of Beast construction.

The first tunnel of Adventure Express is at the base of Son of Beast and the final lift tunnel for Adventure Express is in the lower right of the photo. 

The crane has knocked down most of the "Rose Bowl," the nickname given to the large helix before the loop

The pullout of the first drop on the right and the return helix after the loop is on the left. The pullout led into the "Rose bowl" helix. You can see some of the many thousand of footers still in the ground.

The last part standing of the first helix. The trains traversed the inside track first and then outside before the loop. In the original configuration there was a kicker wheel before the loop because the trains were supposedly able to stop there in case of block violations. Since there was no way to safely evacuate guests from that height, Son of Beast only operated in 2 train mode with the second train stopped on the ready track outside the station.

Not much care is taken in destroying the coaster

A pile of debris. Currently pieces of wood marked with a placque and bolts are being marketed by Kings Island. There should be enough to go around.

This was the turn after the 50.1 ft first drop out of the station leading to the lift hill. On Son of Beast the onride photo was taken as the train climbed the lift hill.

The lift hill with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground from the Kings High School stadium. By next spring you will see Windseeker on the left and Diamondback's lift hill framed between the two attractions. For many reasons, this grand experiment failed, but hopefully much was learned from its troubled life. It was enjoyable watching it being built and sad witnessing its destruction.